Judge Sides With Contact Lens Purchasers In Antitrust Suit Over Search Campaigns 05/21/2018

Judge Sides With Contact Lens Purchasers In Antitrust Suit Over Search Campaigns – 05/21/2018
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‘Deadpool 2’: What Comes Next For R-Rated Disney Movies – Variety

Will “Deadpool 2” make Disney re-consider making R-rated movies?
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Players Unions Join Battle Over Publicity Rights in Potential Sports-Betting Preview – WSJ

Sports unions and players associations said Friday that two fantasy sports games shouldn’t be allowed to use players’ images without permission.
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LA Screenings 2018: Global Buyers Eye Hot Broadcast Dramas & Comedies | Deadline

LA Screenings, the annual shopping trip for foreign TV buyers, is currently in full swing with hundreds of global broadcasters in Hollywood.
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OnePlus 6 Review: The Best Android Phone That Won’t Destroy Your Finances

The OnePlus 6 might be the most boring phone the company has ever made. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not meant as an insult, but more as a reflection on how far the company has come since the original OnePlus One. Because even though OnePlus’ latest device might not carry with it the same excitement as some of the company’s previous phones, as a total package, the OP6 is arguably even more important in today’s world of $1,000 handsets. Oh and it’s also OnePlus’ best phone yet.
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Holograms Hit The Road: Will Fans of Frank Zappa, Ronnie James Dio and Others Show Up for Their Virtual Versions? | Billboard

Over 3,000 people filed into the 5,000-capacity Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, Wales, on April 8 to see Roy Orbison perform. That the rock legend has been dead for almost 20 years was of little importance: They were gathered to see a hologram of the star croon his hits.
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‘There will be a number one song that’s 100% AI-written’

The Great Escape in Brighton is one of the UK’s best showcases for new artists, but it’s also a chance for the industry to discuss some of the new technologies that could have an impact on those musicians’ careers.
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A Million Dollars Worth of Plastic | Lost Notes | KCRW

In 1989 McDonald’s ran the biggest flexi-disc promotion ever, sending out 80 million discs (playing the “Menu Song”) as inserts in newspapers all over the country. A very special copy of this record was almost burned to heat a family home in Galax, Virginia. Instead, it ended up winning the homeowner a million dollars.
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