MoviePass vs. AMC: IndieWire Rates the Movie Subscription Services | IndieWire

Today, AMC launches what it hopes will be the MoviePass killer app, but it’s not the only one fighting for your movie dollar. Which one won?
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‘Dumbo’: Everything to Know About Disney’s Live-Action Remake | Hollywood Reporter

Disney has recently given audiences a wave of live-action remakes to spark old and new childhood memories, and the 1941 animated classic Dumbo will be no exception. Here’s everything that is known so far about the 2019 version, which will feature actors Michael Keaton, Alan Arkin and Eva Green.
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MoviePass is leading a revolution in movie-ticket prices — Quartz

MoviePass may fail, but it’s changing moviegoing for the better. Major theater chains like AMC Theatres and boutique cinemas like Alamo Drafthouse are experimenting with subscription platforms that make it more affordable to go the movies more regularly. Others, like Regal Cinemas, have talked about testing demand-based pricing that would make it cheaper to go…
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Barbs for Bezos but Bill Gates largely admired in Seattle

The Seattle region is home to America’s two richest men, but their local legacies to date represent two very different eras for the city. While Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is blamed by some for rising rents and clogged city streets, Bill Gates is largely admired for helping lead the computing revolution
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Apple Eyes Streaming Bundle for TV, Music and News — The Information

Apple is considering creating a single subscription offering that would encompass its original TV shows, music service and magazine articles, two people familiar with the company’s plans told The Information.Such an ambitious offering would bear some similarity to Amazon’s Prime service, which …
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Disney Has Built Impressive Robot Stunt Doubles That Mean No One Any Harm

Following the debut of the Donald Trump robot that perfectly captured the soul of its namesake, many people are wondering what Disney’s Imagineers will do next. The answer turns out to be autonomous stunt double bots that bring us one giant leap closer to IRL Westworld.
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‘Sharp Objects’ and ‘Castle Rock’: 10 of the most-anticipated TV shows this July | Hollywood Reporter

July’s 10 Most Anticipated TV Premieres

From HBO’s ‘Sharp Objects’ to Hulu’s ‘Castle Rock," here are the 10 must-see new and returning shows.