10 Ways Digital Leaders Can Protect Their Teams From Burnout

The concept of workplace burnout was first introduced more than 45 years ago. However, the once-novel diagnosis has grown exponentially in the always-on work environment.
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Nest CEO steps down after employees pushed for his exit – CNET

The smart home device maker hasn’t had an easy time under Google, including discontent over leadership and a potential sale to Amazon in 2016.
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MGM, Fox to Provide $8.7M Worth of James Bond Films to End Class Action | Hollywood Reporter

The settlement comes in a lawsuit over customers who bought a box set advertising “all” Bond films who didn’t get ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Never Say Never Again.’
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Netflix CEO: Trump FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal Has No Business Impact – Variety

Netflix chief Reed Hastings — who has been an ardent and vocal supporter of net neutrality rules to ensure service providers don’t discriminate against internet content companies — said the U.S. reversal on net neutrality won’t have an impact on the streamer’s business.
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[WATCH] Morning News Shows Pan Donald Trump’s Performance At Putin Presser | Deadline

Morning TV news outlets were not kind to President Donald Trump’s lapdog-ish performance at previous day’s Helsinki press conference with Russian ruler Vladimir Putin.
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Netflix’s stock crash won’t make the Big Media moguls feel any better – Recode

Netflix lost more than $25 billion in value today. But that doesn’t solve any problems for the traditional media companies.
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